23 May, 2024


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Congratulations! You found “Ehrendil”.

Discover the Enchanted: The Mummified Fairy Tale

Welcome to a world where the lines between reality and fantasy blur, and the whispers of ancient lore echo through the ages. We invite you on a journey of wonder and curiosity with the discovery of a mummified fairy, a creature that, until now, belonged solely to the realm of myths and bedtime stories.

Origins of the fairy called "Hagas"

This delicate being, with delicate wings and features frozen in time, might have ventured from the **Faylands**, a mythical place believed to exist in parallel to our own world. Legends speak of the Faylands as a sanctuary for these ethereal creatures, hidden away from human eyes by enchantments and veils of mist.

A Discovery That Sparks Imagination

I can only imagine your surprise when your gaze fell upon what appears to be a tiny, humanoid figure, no larger than your hand. Its form is preserved with meticulous care, and it exudes an aura of ancient magic. Could it be that this fairy has crossed over from its mystical abode, only to become a relic of its former self in our world?

Share Your Encounter

Have you encountered this marvel in your travels? We encourage you to share your experience and tell us where you found this remarkable specimen. Your insights could shed light on the fairy's journey and help unravel the mysteries that surround these elusive beings.

A Note of Caution

While the discovery of the mummified fairy is indeed fascinating, we must inform you that **latex** has been used in the preservation process. Please handle with care, keeping in mind that some individuals may have sensitivities to this material.


We await your tales with bated breath, as each story brings us closer to understanding the enigmatic history of the mummified fairy. Comment below and become a part of this enchanting narrative.


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